Fuggit, I'm Justifying My Gaming Habits Somehow

Alright. As most of you know, Kingdom Hearts III is out NOW, and a bunch of people – including myself – have been looking forward to this closure for literally more than a decade. I say this as if I was someone who is heavily into the KH franchise, but the truth is that I remember playing a couple of games, but I basically remember nothing of the plot.

I played Kingdom Hearts for the first time when I was 7 or 8 years old when it released in 2002; I got too scared to play any further than Destiny Islands. That one night on Destiny Islands where you first get the keyblade was too terrifying once I found out you couldn’t hit the Heartless with your tiny wooden sword. The next time I’d play it would be almost 12 or 13 years later when I bought my own copy and did an incomplete playthrough with my friends in college. However, other people were telling me what to do, so I remember nothing. I also remember playing Birth by Sleep on my PSP in high school, BUT I only got through Ventus’ part and I don’t even remember the plot from that. (I still have all of those games and their respective systems, by the way.)

But NOW, since Square Enix decided to do a release exclusive to North America that bundles the 1.5, 2.5 and 2.8 HD remakes into one package called “Kingdom Hearts ~The Story So Far~” – which I’ve had for a while – all of the pieces are in place, which means I can finally play through almost the ENTIRE franchise… on my NEW gaming channel!

One of the most notorious things about the KH franchise is its storyline, because all of the release order of the games don’t correlate with the timeline of the story. On top of that, almost every entry in the series has either been remade, remastered, or rebranded, which brought about a lot of confusion as to which games to buy. BUT, Reddit user Elfdemon provided a lot of clarity.

I’ve always wanted to experience the Kingdom Hearts series, but the confusion around the releases always kept me from playing it. As a result, I’ve been tiptoe-ing around the franchise for years. A tiny little part of my conscience was eating away at me because I arranged “Simple and Clean” for the J-MUSIC Ensemble, but I never played any games enough for me to remember anything. Now that Square Enix released KHIII and that bundle puts together the definitive versions of the games people should play, I feel like I can just go to work and not only enjoy the games themselves, but also experience the context that makes “Simple and Clean” really significant among fans. And, of course, I can finally find some more Kingdom Hearts stuff to cover.

If any of this interests you at all and you wanna come along on this journey with me, be sure to visit my gaming channel and hit that subscribe button and click the little bell to the right of it to stay tuned in! There’s nothing on it now, but there will be some Kingdom Hearts videos on it come either later this month or in the beginning of March!

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