Something is always happening.

There's always at least one thing I'm doing every week, and I'm constantly updating this page with new stuff that arises as soon as it happens, so come back to see what the deal is with EVERYTHING going on in my life!

Wake Up! Get Up! Smash Dat Play Button!

At the Liberty City Anime Convention, a brave Trash Prince Kringus channels their inner R&B songstress to rock the Edison Ballroom till it implodes. Check me singing (what?!) with the J-MUSIC Ensemble singing the intro to PERSONA 5, which officially makes me that one tenor trying to belt the alto part.

The YouTube Channel Officially Reboots!

This video marks the official reboot of my YouTube channel! Watch me move my feet in seemingly awkward places and almost stumble; that's bound to make your day somewhat, right? I'll be doing the #NeeFootworkChallenge. Huge props to Perfume, because this was hard as hell!

khrys DOUBLE sans text.jpg

Some of you might have seen this graphic floating around on my social media accounts.

That's because I recently announced that I was in the works of making a double album that would serve as my last hip-hop album before I take a hiatus from hip-hop. I'm still working on it, but I'll be announcing more details about the album the more the album develops!